Originally built by Omnicor in the inner belt, Aspis has changed hands at least three times since the Fall. Most recently, it was held by Go-nin, who handed it over to the ultimates as part of the payment for guarding the Discord Gate. The ultimates expanded
the collection of four counter-rotating cylinders, adding two more to make Aspis the single longest habitat in the solar system. As a result, the station requires constant upkeep and vigilance to ensure that the cylinders continue to operate normally. Aspis serves as the main station for the ultimates faction in the inner solar system, counterpart to Xiphos in the Uranian system.

Despite the abundant space, the resident population is low, in part due to the frequent shifts in ownership. Thousands abandoned the station when the ultimates took over; many were in fact “encouraged” to do so. Many find the ultimates extreme way of life to be too stifling for the average transhuman.

The ultimates have subdivided the habitat into three areas, each composed of two adjacent cylinders. The first two are considered “open to the public.” Though nominally governed by the ultimates, the residents and visitors are primarily left to their own devices. Many of the inhabitants feel that the ultimates are intentionally letting station services degrade and offering the bare minimum of a social infrastructure in order to weed the non-ultimates out. Others expect that it is only a matter of time before the faction enforces their ways on the population, whether they like it or not. A sizable group of Burmese residents, one of the original occupying groups in the habitat, has vowed to both stay and resist the ultimates’ control. AGIs are strictly forbidden and will be expunged from the habitat if found.

The middle two cylinders are mixed; non-ultimates may enter, but only with specific authorization. This area of the habitat has been redeveloped specifically to attract and guide potential initiates. Psychological and physical tests are often conducted in colour-marked zones to weed out aspirants that don’t fit the ultimates’ requirements. It is also here that the ultimates arrange and conduct business transactions with potential clients. People egocast here from all over the solar system to recruit ultimate mercenaries for protection, black ops, or even offensive military action.

The last two cylinders are ultimates-only. Easily identifiable from the outside, they are emblazoned with a large ultimates logo. Glimpses of the interior show an environment of austere design, absent of colour and distractions. Rumour is that at least one of these cylinders is environmentally sculpted with unique and somewhat deadly conditions to provide a private training ground for ultimate mercs. These training grounds are regularly reformatted to offer a new set of harsh terrain and dangerous conditions on which the ultimates can hone their skills.


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