Etienne Farouk

A post-apocalyptic, transhuman mall ninja


According to Sirimavo Widanagamage: “When I knew him, Etienne Farouk was a small-time hustler on the streets of ”/wikis/Noctis-Qianjiao/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Qianjiao, constantly trying to involve himself in the workings of serious people and convinced, without any evidence, that he had what it took to do it. The 108 had to give him the brush-off more than once, and we got less gentle each time, but he just kept coming back. Then, all of a sudden, he sold all his stuff and lit out for Aspis.

The boy is a fantasist – one of those guys who plays too many military vid games and now thinks they can kick anyone’s arse. My guess is that he got tired of desperately wanting to be a triad hit man and started desperately wanting to be an Ultimate warrior instead.

He was kicking around in a worker pod when I knew him, but that was back on Mars, of course. I doubt he’s sleeved in anything more spectacular on Aspis."

Etienne Farouk

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