Marian and Oleg

A pair of vacworkers, unlucky in everything but love


Before the Fall, Marian Loyzaga was a research assistant, helping to record the indigenous languages of the Philippines before their last speakers died. She had two sisters, a boyfriend and a PhD that was just never… quite… finished.

Before the Fall, Oleg Pritsak was an alcoholic, scraping together enough credit as a piano tuner and repairer of stringed instruments to buy cheap Uzbek vodka and a roof over his head… most of the time.

After the Fall, the pair awoke to find themselves among the poorest refugees in history, lacking even the bodies they were born with. Lacking skills deemed useful by hypercorporate HR consultants, they were relegated to indentured vac-work, working 30-hour shifts in cheap case morphs, piecing together subassemblies for Mighty Orbital Fabrications Limited (a subsidiary of a subsidiary of some much more prestigious hypercorp).

And yet… the Fall, and the indentured labour that followed, may just have been the best thing that could have happened to them, because it brought them together. Now, in the stand-up accommodation that they share, they hold each other and dream of the life that awaits them once their endless, endless contract is complete.

Marian and Oleg

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